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Tucked in the Tennessee Mountains and far, far away from the cities like NY & LA, it is there we’ve built our nest. In our nest resides a noteworthy team of innovators double distilled with a little bit of good ol’ southern charm & attitude eager to meet you and yours.

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With innovative passion, attitude and creativity.

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Beautiful artworks, concepts & designs.

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Seamless, effective marketing campaigns.

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Ohh’ do we repeat, time and time again.

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Current Clients

Completed Projects

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The Alliance has the tools and ability to help you achieve results that directly correlate to a positive return on your investment.

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Graphic Designer with a focus on interactive design, helping clients communicate and solve problems through creative visual solutions.

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Frequently Ask Questions


Frequently asked questions are listed below and are often asked prior to joining The Alliance. If you are already a client and have questions, please login to our knowledge base for answers or submit a support ticket. As always, thank you for trusting The Alliance!

How can you help my business?

“I’m lost as a pup and need help with marketing.”

First step, just breathe! We got this! -As a full service agency, we can help with anything and everything. From overall branding or re-branding campaigns, creative concept and automation workflow to a single social media or logo graphic, consider us your own extended marketing department. Our team consists of the most creative and imaginative individuals ready to throw out some of the coolest marketing ideas tailored specifically to your company. The benefits of working with an agency are endless! Allow us to come in with fresh ideas, an objective point of view and extensive  knowledge of the latest trends and tricks. Let us know what you are wanting to accomplish, and we will take it from there. Easy peasy…double lemon squeezy.

Do you work with small or large businesses?

We work with all kinds of businesses in various industries. Marketing can often seem very overwhelming, but the tools remain the same for any industry.  For each client, we get to know their business, their industry and their market. After doing extensive research and testing several media strategies, we nail down the best plan and media mix to maximize your marketing budget and gain positive ROI’s.  From national brands with multiple locations to mom and pop shops, we are here to help you grow.

Do you only work with local businesses?

Cookeville, Tennessee serves as our headquarters; however, we work with many different businesses all around the world. Not to mention, the airport is just up the road so we can always hit the sky and head over to your place with the proper invite.  🙂

Can you start with my existing plan and strategy?

I’ve worked with an agency before.  What I am doing seems to be working ok but not as good as I had hoped, can you pick up where another agency left off?

Absolutely. If you have an existing agency or previously worked with an agency, we can always take over your campaign we just have a couple of requests. First of all, be ready to join a team that will probably look a lot different than you are use to. Secondly, when transitioning from one agency to another, we request past data and analytics be handed over before terminating with your existing agency to ensure you do not loose any traction you have already worked so hard to obtain. We take time to consider the past and present before planning out the future and the more information we are given prior to the switch, the more effective we can be out of the gate!

I have a large monthly marketing budget. Can your agency manage it?

Just starting out? Part of a national corporation? We can handle it. No matter what your budget is, we will get the most bang for your buck.  Media planning and strategy is one of our specialties and we work with clients who spend anywhere from $1,000-$100,000 a month.  We can also take care of co-op filing and adhere to strict brand guidelines!

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